No [life] Found inside

the geek inside is a walking dead

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Most adorable weeping angel

I couldn’t blink if I wanted to


Little Weeping Angel at Denver Comic Con 2012. 

She was ADORABLE!!! <3

When you went up to her and her parents and you asked if you could take a picture she would stand up straight, and slowly bring her hands up and cover her eyes. After you were done with the pictures she’d lower her hands and just SMILE so big. 

Omg it was the cutest thing ever!!! 

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Pour vous les Ex et les futurs Ex


Lying and telling stories,
Each time I promise my self,
Never make the same mistake,
And each time the same one I make,

Words have different meanings,
Getting the meaning so falsely,
Such a story cuts my wings,
Sometimes behaving so badly,

Now rage is running through my veins,
I’m getting down, wondering, I’m wondering,
And I am wondering how I could’ve been betrayed,
Tears running on my face and I’ve done’s gone in vain,

The story began in a song ended in an other one,
Abnormal states of being, unusual things I’ve done,
Can never forget the pain and the madness I was drawn,
And after all this time, pain seems going on,

Staying in the darkness under the summer sunshine,
Three months I’ve been waiting, three months being blind,
Leaving the world saying I was so kind,
Till the day the story brakes, I was out of mind,

The story began in a song ended in a cry,
Of course crying inside, I can’t shout so high,
This famous story ends right before it starts,
The link was impossible between our hearts,